Café Ranges: Cook Like a Pro

Ever wonder how the pros make it look so easy on TV? Well along with their countless hours of training and practice they’re using superior appliances. The new Café range puts you on a level playing field with the pros. After tasting the incredible creations you’ve made with it, your family and guests might even think you’ve got Emeril or Gordon hiding somewhere in your pantry. BAM!

Read below to see why we’re considering this modern marvel the ultimate in-home ranges.

1. Double Ovens

The pros always have more than one oven going so multiple items are baking at different temperatures and always seem to come out perfectly at the exact same time. Normally it’s achieved with a traditional double wall oven, but who wants to give up all that valuable cabinet space when you can get 7.0 cu ft total double oven space in the size of a normal range? True European Convection in the lower oven means you can pack it with all the goodies and have even results every time. With a little practice, you may even be able to craft dessert in the top oven and time it just like the pros do. Double BAM!

2. 6 Burner Edge-to-Edge Cooktop

You’ve now got enough versatile burners to handle any occasion. Balance a delicate sauce on the rear 5,000 BTU precise-simmer burner whilst power-boiling on the front tri-ring 21,000 BTU power burner. Did we mention they were versatile? That tri-ring burner can go from full power to a 140 degree simmer in about .01 seconds. Café also includes an integrated griddle for the middle burners to ensure perfectly even heat for all your family favorites. 6X BAM!

3. Integrated Temperature Probe

Know the exact temperature of your dish without opening the door. Simply plug the included probe into the side of the oven and the front display will give you a readout at all times. It will even alert you when it’s reached the desired temperature so you can set it and forget it while you focus on the rest of the feast.

4. Wifi Connect to control your oven with your voice

Everyone knows even the best pros have help. And now you do too with Café’s Wifi Connect. You can preheat your oven from anywhere (requires enabling for safety), change the temperature with a simple voice command (requires Alexa or Google Assistant), or even adjust timers from the comfort of your couch. So go ahead and go all ‘Ramsey’ on it- you can’t hurt its feelings. BAM it!

5. Looks Matter Too

Cold, hard stainless steel might be OK for a commercial kitchen but our homes are a reflection of us. Café allows you to customize the look of your range to fit your style. Start with a matte white or matte black finish and add some flair with four distinct hardware choices.

The pros really do have it made, but thanks to Café we mere mortals can have it easy too. Shop now and start bamming out masterpieces that will delight and impress even your harshest critics. Happy crafting!

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