Meet the Team: Alex, Appliance Sales Professional

Chances are if you’ve shopped at our Sherman’s location in Peru in the last couple of years, you’ve met Alex. Currently an Appliance Sales Professional, he’s responsible for helping you find the right appliance for your home and ensuring you’re happy you chose Sherman’s. He definitely helps make us a remarkable place to work and shop! Read below to learn more about Alex!

Get to know Alex!

His journey here.

I came to Sherman’s in 2018 looking for a positive career change. Little did I know after starting how much of a change that would be. One of the many great things about working here is that I’m part of a family. And it’s allowed me to do more things with my career than other places offered. I love that Sherman’s culture truly cares for its employees, and that plays a huge part in why I’ve been successful and happy here.

What do you like about being a salesperson?

One of the best parts about working at Sherman’s is it feels like my own business, everything reflects on the effort I put in.

I love helping customers find the right appliance for their homes. Being able to listen to the features they currently have and showing them all the other new and exciting possibilities for a new appliance. I truly enjoy helping customers feel confident in their new purchase and teaching them how to use those extra features. Technology is always developing, which gives me an opportunity to grow and change with it too.

When Alex isn’t at work.

I enjoy gaming. Most importantly, I’m a proud husband, dad to four wonderful children, and a Husky dad to Aslan.

Advice for anyone wanting to join the Sherman’s sales team?

Be ready to listen. We’re not a pushy-salesperson kind of place. We truly care and listen to our customers.  

Alex is a wonderful person and a top-notch Appliance Sales Professional. He has a vast and comprehensive knowledge of everything appliances and does a great job taking pride in his work. If you have never met him, you have been missing out. Next time you visit our Peru Store location, make sure you say hello to Alex!

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  1. Rhonda Veit on June 14, 2021 at 12:40 pm

    Alex sold me an LG washer and dryer. They delivered the dryer on a Sunday and when it came it would not work (after the installation men left). I talked to customer service and Alex and between the 3 employees they had a serviceman here before noon the next day. It was a loose connection.

    Thank you to all of you for your great customer service: Alex, Adia (sp), another customer service woman whose name I did not get, and Jared (Jacob?) the service man. We buy most of our appliances at Sherman’s and the excellent care you game us will keep bringing us back again!

    I hope the owners see this post and give you raises!

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