We are moving into an entirely new era of interior design – especially in people’s kitchens.

Instead of appliances being hidden away or blending into the background, they are standing out, making an impression, and becoming a major part of everyday life. With an array of add-on features, home appliances are taking consumers to the next level of technology.

From a style and price standpoint, Samsung is a major contender when it comes to home appliances – becoming one of the most popular appliance brands in the United States in a very short period.

Today’s millennial-minded consumers have unique concerns throughout the home, which Samsung strives to invigorate and implement with its kitchen appliances, the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator, in particular.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

For many households, the kitchen is the hub of the home and finding the perfect appliances for your kitchen to suit your individual needs has emerged as a strong priority.

Spacious and intuitive, Samsung’s Family Hub makes the case for the smart fridge.

The refrigerator has a large computer touchscreen on the door and brings a “cool” factor that extends beyond the food inside. Additional highlights include:

  • Flex Drawer
  • Lift-up handles, making it a breeze to open doors and drawers
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Spacious
  • Large screen puts smart home control at your fingertips

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator should be the brains.

The outside of the right door is the jewel of this device – a large 21.5 inch touchscreen that’s preloaded with apps like Pandora and Ring security. You can also add more of your favorite apps, too.

Maneuvering around the screen is like navigating a giant Samsung Galaxy phone.

The screens are customizable (press an icon and drag to another part of the screen) and you can add more, giving each person in the home their own screen to personalize. The main controls of the fridge are on the second screen, just swipe left to access.

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