How To Recycle Or Remove Old Furniture

Finding the Best Furniture Disposal Option for You

Whether you’re moving, getting new pieces of furniture, updating your house, or simply decluttering, it can be a challenge knowing what exactly to do with those older and some quite larger, no longer wanted furniture items like:

  • That deflated and flat futon that has been with you since your college days
  • The stained and scratched recliner that still rocks fine despite its blemishes
  • A dented coffee table from when you thought you could move it into a different room yourself, no problem…

Are you wondering if you are allowed to just throw these items out onto your curb, expecting your local garbage company to take care of it all? Or are you wondering if there is a dump nearby where you can bring these furniture items?

Below are some useful tips that should help save you some time and energy in getting rid of your old furniture items.

1. Find out if your waste management company will take furniture items – Curbside Collection.

This is a great disposal option if you have a few smaller items – like a nightstand, a small loveseat, coffee table, ottoman, etc. Reach out to your local service provider for rules and regulations prior to disposal. Some waste removal companies will charge extra to pick up furniture in addition to your regular trash or will require you to seal upholstered furniture in plastic before curbside collection accepts it. And unfortunately, in some areas, it won’t be accepted at all.

2. If you’re replacing your old furniture with new furniture, see if the old items may be hauled away by the company you are buying the furniture from/getting the new furniture delivered from.

If you’re getting new furniture delivered, many times that company may haul away the old stuff at no extra charge. This is especially true for large appliances or large pieces of furniture. Be sure to completely understand the fine print with these arrangements or call the company ahead of time and see if there are any special provisions. When I had my new fridge delivered a couple of months ago when I was updating my kitchen, they hauled away the old one for free. This arrangement may be less likely for furniture deliveries, but you never know unless you ask.

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3. Dumpster Rental.

This option is best for quickly getting rid of a large amount of furniture. A dumpster rental is a good choice if you’re preparing for a move or downsizing, since you can use a dumpster to get rid of the other junk you want, as well. Costs will vary by location, and your rental will come with a weight limit.

4. Haul it on the curb with a “free” sign.

This is a classic move. Put something out on the curb and by the time you check on it from the window, it’s usually gone. This method can definitely work sometimes, but only in certain scenarios. You really only want to do this with moderately-sized items. Chairs, file cabinets, smaller tables, smaller dressers, etc. Bigger than that, and people driving by won’t be able to just quickly stop and throw it in their vehicle – which is what you’re really going for! You also want to ensure you’re in a high-traffic area.

5. You wouldn’t believe the things you can list on the Internet and Social Media

If the price is “free” you can get rid of literally almost everything. Beware that when you list things for free, you’re more likely to get people who may not show up or even return your emails. This is a great go-to for getting rid of stuff that won’t fit in your average trash can. List oversized items on Craigslist or a local Facebook Marketplace Group.

6. Donate It.

Assess the condition of your furniture to determine what shape it is in. Furniture in good condition can be donated to charity. However, furniture past its prime should be thrown out.
Your furniture may be donated if:

The item can be used as-is, with no need for any major repairs

Upholstery is free of major rips, stains, and odors

Woods are free of major scratches or gouges.

The item has never been infested with bedbugs or other pests.

These donations centers usually offer furniture pickup:

  • Habitat for Humanity Restores
  • Salvation Army
  • Local Furniture Banks

These donation centers typically require furniture drop-off:

  • Goodwill
  • Local Shelters

Furniture Disposal FAQs

  • Are there any fees associated with disposing of furniture?
    In some areas, landfills charge a fee to dismantle any upholstered furniture you throw away. This is done to decrease the amount of space furniture takes up in the landfill. This fee will apply whether you’re renting a dumpster to get rid of furniture or using curbside or bulk collection.
  • What is the best way to load furniture into a dumpster?
    When using a dumpster to get rid of old furniture, try to place large items in the container first and distribute items evenly in the container. Also, make sure all materials are level with the dumpster’s top edge – nothing sticking up over the top or hanging over the sides.
  • How much will my furniture weigh?
    The weight of your furniture will depend on the types and quantity of items. Here are some examples:
    • Average estimated weight in pounds:
  • Sectional Sofa: 210-260
  • Sleeper Sofa: 275
  • Dining Room Table: 100
  • Vanity: 50
  • Ottoman: 50
  • Mirror (Boxed): 75
  • Large Armoire: 200
  • Queen Headboard: 45
  • Large Book Case: 100
  • Curio Cabinet: 150

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