4 Minute Mattress Match: The Easiest Way to Find Your Perfect Mattress

 (Plus 3 tips to upgrade your sleep routine!)

Picking out a mattress may seem like a one-dimensional choice. You’re looking for something comfortable, how hard can it really be?

The quality of sleep you receive can impact all aspects of your health. Sleep deficiency can weaken your immune system, produce brain fog or lack of focus, and even lower your mood.

Suddenly, you’re not only picking out a mattress, you need to pick the right mattress. This big purchase just got way more complicated.

The good news is, we’re here to help. We’ve got the easiest way to find your perfect mattress match and help you catch those restorative ZZZs.

Say hello to the 4 Minute Mattress Match.

Research suggests that it may take 7 months of dating to find out if the person is “the one.”

But at Sherman’s, we say it only takes us 4 minutes to find the right one for you (mattress, that is).

We promise our 4 Minute Mattress Match is quick and easy — skip the hours of researching what other people like and quickly discover what’s best for you.

Here’s how it works:

1. Visit your local Sherman’s

Once you’re ready to find your mattress match, get ready to head to one of our Sherman’s locations! Whether you visit us in Peoria, Peru, or Normal, IL, you’ll find our helpful and friendly mattress experts ready to guide you through the process.

“When finding a mattress, we want to nail down the correct firm or soft levels. The number one thing people look at when mattress shopping is a comfort scale,” Mike Martin, our Mattress Expert shared.

But with so many different brands and styles available (not to mention how unique each mattress can be), generic comfort scales can’t accurately compare between all different varieties.

“This was a problem that we knew needed to be solved. Before any mattress hits our showroom floor, we use heavy weights to test mattress density. It’s how we get the formula for a reliable scale that can be used against any brand or style. Now, we’re not testing apples to oranges anymore.”

2. Lay on the 4 Minute Mattress Match test bed

During your visit to your preferred Sherman’s location, it’s time to kick your feet up and let us do the work!

The test bed has over 2,300 sensors to measure your body type, sleeping positions, and pressure points. In other words, it knows exactly which mattresses will give you the deepest sleep.

Since all the mattresses are accurately rated from our specially designed comfort scale, the 4 Minute Mattress Match results will quickly help narrow down the ideal 5-6 options that work best for you, Mike Martin describes.

“Trying out the test bed can really make a difference,” he added.

3. Discover your custom comfort rating

Armed with your personalized comfort results from the 4 Minute Mattress Match, our staff will help you explore each mattress option more fully.

“Whether that is memory foam, hybrid, pillow top, or traditional coil spring, there are lots of styles to choose from. You can even choose mattresses with temperature regulating properties if you or your partner or spouse tends to sleep hot. That’s how easy it is.”

No matter what comfort rating level is suggested, you’ll receive several mattress recommendations at various price points.

With so many factors to consider when mattress shopping, skip the hassle and go straight to relaxing when you visit Sherman’s to test out our 4 Minute Mattress Match.

PLUS 3 sleep routine tips to try!

Thinking of trying a new sleep-care method? Or maybe you want to take your current bedtime routine to the next level?

Either way, there can be numerous physical and mental benefits to creating a sleep-care routine. That’s why we’re sharing 3 ideas for a new (or improved) sleep routine!

1. Check your bedding and update your pajamas.

When it comes to bedding, use season-appropriate sheets and blankets. This will eliminate you waking up too hot or cold in the middle of the night.

Or it even may be time to invest in new bedding accessories. “20% of supportive, successful sleeping comes from finding the right pillow for you,” reports Mike Martin. For instance, if you prefer to sleep on your side, try a pillow designed with a neck cut-out. This special fitting pillow will help ensure you get the maximum amount of comfort when you sleep.

You can view our selection of pillows, mattress protectors, and bedding here.

As for pajamas, look for good quality material that is soft and breathable. Sleeping in comfortable pajamas practically guarantees sweet dreams.

2. Create a relaxing environment.

Want to find better ways to drift into dreamland?

Set aside the time to unwind before bed. Ease your way into relaxation by reading a calming book, drinking tea, or soaking in a warm bath.

Create an environment that encourages sleep, preferably, a cool, quiet, and dark space. It may be helpful to switch on a sound machine that emits white noise as you settle into sleep.

3. Be consistent.

It’s important to create sleep routines that are consistent. A regular pattern of activities can help maintain your body’s internal clock and give you a higher quality of sleep. By creating a consistent sleep routine, you’ll be ready to tackle each new day that comes your way.

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