Meet the Team: Courtney

We’re bringing you inside the doors of Sherman’s. That’s right. C’mon in and get to know the people who make Sherman’s a remarkable place to work and shop. Of course, not only will you get a taste of what working here is really like, but you’ll also discover what our Core Values are and see them on display!

Are you ready?

First up, let’s visit our Customer Service Department.

If you’ve called our Customer Service Team recently, you might’ve been lucky enough to chat with Courtney. Currently a Customer Service Representative, she’s responsible for taking care of customers and making sure they’re really happy they chose Sherman’s. Read below to learn more about Courtney!

Her journey to Sherman’s.
“I learned about Sherman’s from an employment site. Immediately, the ad stood out to me. It described the position and the team as fun and individualistic. I was looking for a new atmosphere and it seemed like the answer was right in front of me.”

What is Sherman’s Customer Service and what does it mean to you?
“We offer top-notch customer service because people are our priority. We meet them with prompt service and truly try to empathize with them. Listening with compassion to our customers is key. We strive to solve their questions or answer any concerns. Ultimately, we try to make customers happy, even beyond the time of sale.”

Describe a typical day in Customer Service.
“Our team answers all customer calls, voicemails, or emails. We handle scheduling service appointments and deliveries. While most of our interaction is with our customers, we also get to collaborate with several different departments, like our Service team. Customer Service also involves problem-solving and figuring out solutions. Our team has a lot of fun chatting and sharing ideas with each other.”

Favorite thing to experience with Customers?
“I enjoy talking with customers, but my favorite thing is when I can exceed their expectations by going the extra mile.”

Describe your experience at Sherman’s in 3 words.
“My three words would be, “I love it.” I also love the people, but that’s more than three words!”

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