Meet the Team: Donte

We’re bringing you inside the doors of Sherman’s. That’s right! C’mon in and get to know the people who make Sherman’s a remarkable place to work and shop. Of course, not only will you get a taste of what working here is really like, but you’ll also discover what our Core Values are and see them on display!

Are you ready?

Let’s head over to the warehouse!

If you’ve had any furniture, appliances, or mattresses delivered recently, you might’ve been lucky enough to meet Donte. Currently a Delivery Driver, he’s responsible for taking care of customers and making sure they’re really happy they chose Sherman’s. Read below to learn more about Donte!

What drew you to Sherman’s?
“There was an opening on the delivery team and a friend of mine who worked here told me about it. When I talked with him, it was easy to see why he loved working here. He encouraged me to apply, and now, I just celebrated my 2nd workiversary!”

Describe a typical day as a Delivery Driver?
“I would say that the details really matter with delivery. Making sure you have a great delivery starts even before you actually deliver the appliance, mattress, or furniture to the customer. Of course, our typical day involves carrying heavy items but another important detail is actually building relationships with our customers. We personally call each customer to let them know when we’re arriving. When we get on-site for the delivery, we interact and hold conversations with our guests all the while lifting various items, working with dollys, or maneuvering interesting floor plans. It’s great to see a smile on the customer’s face when we finish the delivery. To me, that’s the detail that really matters.”

What’s your favorite thing to experience with new Deliver Drivers?
“I love to build relationships with our new delivery drivers, especially during the training process. I try to lead by example and persevere with them through things, like rainy delivery days. I love teaching them the “why” behind the Sherman’s delivery process and help motivate them to become better delivery drivers, so we can ultimately become a better delivery team.”

What’s one thing that surprised you about working at Sherman’s?
“Previously, I had come from jobs where I was just a body. At Sherman’s, it’s different. They truly care about their employees.”

What advice would you give someone looking to start their career at Sherman’s?
“It’s a great place to start! Put in the hard work and take pride in it because it pays off!”

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