Meet the Team: Timmy

We’re bringing you inside the doors of Sherman’s. That’s right! C’mon in and get to know the people who make Sherman’s a remarkable place to work and shop. Of course, not only will you get a taste of what working here is really like, but you’ll also discover what our Core Values are and see them on display!

Are you ready?

Let’s head over to the warehouse!

If you’ve had any furniture, appliances, or mattresses delivered recently, you might’ve been lucky enough to meet Timmy. Currently a Delivery Driver, he’s responsible for taking care of customers and making sure they’re really happy they chose Sherman’s. Read below to learn more about Timmy!

What drew you to Sherman’s?
“I’m locally from Peoria, so I had always heard about Sherman’s. But I never really considered working there until I learned from a friend about the opportunities Sherman’s offered. My friend’s personal journey at Sherman’s inspired me and he encouraged me to apply. And now, I recently celebrated my 1st workiversary!”

Describe a typical day as a Delivery Driver.
“You never quite know what you’ll come across that day, so our Delivery team is all about troubleshooting problems. We start our day by inspecting our truck. We make sure we have our supplies and input the navigation for our routes. Our team delivers to six different delivery zones within Central Illinois. We normally have about 10 deliveries a day, but I have a personal record of 22! For each delivery, our team works to ensure that each product – from mattresses, refrigerators, sofas, or anything in between – is delivered with care and the delivery process is as seamless as possible.”

What’s your favorite thing to experience with customers?
“I love to wow them with my dolly skills. I enjoy seeing the customer’s amazement at what I can do with just a simple dolly tool.”

What’s one thing that surprised you about working at Sherman’s?
“I would say the people who work here. Everyone is motivated and wants you to do well and succeed. We treat each other like family.”

What advice would you give someone who is looking to start their career at Sherman’s?
“Be willing to work and put in the effort with training because it prepares you to serve our customers well.”

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